Sell more property

Seller-Financing is on the rise

According to the National Association of Realtors, seller financing is on the rise. As the economic downturn continues, owner financing will only increase. For frustrated sellers with plenty of equity in their homes, it could be one way to help move a stalled property off the market.

There are plenty of people who have cash on hand, good jobs and pay their bills on time but don't have good enough credit to get a loan. Seller financing is the best solution for someone who likely couldn't get a loan from a bank, especially if that buyer has a tarnished credit rating because they walked away from another property?

Are you an agent who wants to sell more property?
  • Do you have a seller stuck on price?
  • Do you have a buyer who can’t qualify?
  • Have a property that’s non-conforming?
  • Is your deal falling apart?
  • Double the number of potential buyers for your listing
  • Deals can be sold for top dollar
  • Increase your chances of closing the deal and getting paid!
  • Offering owner financing helps the home sell faster in a poor or slow real estate market.