Individual Note Servicing

Although a private note can be an excellent source of income, few noteholders have the experience or desire to oversee the monthly collection and reporting that is involved when servicing a Seller Financed Note.

We handle all the details from collecting your monthly payments to depositing the funds into your checking or savings account. With Installment Collections servicing your note, you avoid the bookkeeping, phone calls and aggravation associated with loan collection.

You are now free to travel and enjoy life knowing that your note is being professionally managed. We utilize a sophisticated computer system to insure that all correspondence and reporting complies with Federal IRS and State Civil Code Requirements.

  • We collect installment payments from the buyer, either by check or automatic debit from a bank account.
  • Web-payments or phone-payments
  • Unlimited Payment Options- We can accept all payment types Credit card or E-check and if they pay by credit card we pass the cost of the merchant fee back to the payer so you still get your complete payment.
  • We quickly and securely transfer the money back to your account via check or direct deposit.
  • We encourage timely payments by assessing late charges and automatically send late notices.
  • We handle all bookkeeping associated with the contract, including year-end interest statements and IRS tax reporting.
  • We provide 24/7 access to your account information to both you and your payer over the phone or the internet.
  • We hold original documents
  • We monitor and pay the bills for property tax and insurance
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