Loan Outsourcing

AFTS Contract Servicing is your partner in Professional Collection Management.

In today’s economic environment many companies have realized the benefits of outsourcing  their contract collection portfolio.  Of significance importance is the ability to generate substantial fee income (with virtually no overhead).  In fact, with AFTS Contract Servicing managing the portfolio, you can offer a variety of improved services to your clientele by virtue of the “silent partner” arrangement with AFTS Contract Servicing.  As your “silent partner” AFTS Contract Servicing acts as your loan servicing department.

When AFTS Contract Servicing manages your portfolio it offers a convenience and security to your customers while providing you with long-term fee income.  Partnering with AFTS Contract Servicing helps you maximize the profit potential of contract collections by providing a subservicing solution that is more efficient and cost effective than administrating your portfolio in-house.


Your Organization Profits from the partnership in a variety of ways:

  • Improved Customer Service
  • Guaranteed Profit/Cost Reduction
  • Reduced Liability